Community Connections

We have one mission at Six for Good – to do good. Good can be done in many different ways and we want to support our fellow local small business owners by elevating and connecting them with our community.

Rosedale Center allows us do this through what we call Community Connections. 

Through a Six for Good Community Connection...

  • Your product line will be displayed in our store for a two week to one month time frame.
  • We will promote your business and products via our Six for Good social media accounts during your Connections time frame.
  • We will provide staffing in our store during your time frame to handle sales.
  • All sales transactions for your products will be run through our Six for Good payment system in the store.
  • Modeled after a consignment agreement, we will send you 60% of the sales from your products during your timeframe and Six for Good will retain 40% of the sales and taxes from your product sales.
  • We invite you to come in and out of the store, when your schedule allows, to meet shoppers and those interested in learning more about your business.
  • You will be required to decide on a giveback amount of your sales to an organization of your choice that we will promote during your timeframe.  The payment and amount will be up to you to manage after you receive your 60% payout from your sales in our store.

Apply here.