Assorted Large Gift Box
Assorted Large Gift Box


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Can't decide which flavor to get? These gourmet cookies made of mostly butter will melt in your mouth! Try them all! This collection of flavors is the perfect choice as a gift for the holidays or to let someone know you're thinking of them. This box will include one pound our 4 best selling flavors; Peanut Butter Sea Salt, "Barb's" Cinnamon & Sugar, Ginger Clove and Dark Chocolate Chip

Reasons you need these:

1. Perfect Thank You Gift

2. Coolest Client Gift Ever

3.  You are supporting a Local  Women Owned and Operated Business

4. You know what's GOOD!

¨I'm not a regular giver of feedback, but these cookies got soooo many raves at my sister's baby shower, I had to leave a note! I only got to eat two myself because they went so fast, but those two were absolutely DELICIOUS! Great customer service as well! WIll definitely be ordering again...and again.¨

Laura Kunz

5/5 stars