MN State Fair Gift Pack

MN State Fair Gift Pack

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The Great Minnesota Stay Home Together Gift Pack¬†ūüíö¬†Good for you, Good for others.

State Fair gift pack contains:

    • 5 ml¬†State Fair Lemonade Rollerball - Hello Lemonade lovers! ¬†This blend is a mix of Lavender and Lemon that will transport you to a peaceful day, accompanied by the refreshing lemonade served at the Minnesota State Fair. ¬†Enjoy the Fair, without the crowd!
    • 5 ml¬†Up North¬†Rollerball -¬†This blend was created with the peacefulness and mindfulness of standing in the middle of the woods in Northern Minnesota. ¬†Close your eyes and feel grounded. ¬†Take deep breath and feel peace.¬†¬†
    • 5ml¬†10,000 zzz's¬†Rollerball -¬†A blend of Blue Tansy, Green Mandarin and Lavender, blended with other essential oils meant to clear your mind and bring rest. ¬†Close your eyes and breathe deep.
    • Morning Calm Minnesoapa On-A-Stick - A favorite buy at the State Fair, only available during the State Fair time of year and the best smelling soap on a stick you'll ever use!

Essence One is proud to sponsor the Maple Grove High School Mental Health Club but we are hoping to add another school with proceeds from this box! They are receiving resources and platforms from Bring Change to Mind (BC2M) to keep connected and break the stigma behind mental health. 

Join the Bring Change To Mind¬†#NoNormal¬†Movement. ūüíö "Now, more than ever, we realize just how "not normal" things can be/seem/feel. We are conditioned from a young age to want to be normal. So we strive towards unrealistic ideals of how we should look, feel, act, and think.¬†The truth is, we are all different. What we like, what we do, and how our brains work.¬†And that‚Äôs okay, because there is no ‚Äúnormal.‚ÄĚ Just be yourself and¬†Bring Change To Mind.